The Art of Eating Mindfully

Corinne Trang is a holistic health counselor and ayurveda nutritionist, certified by the American Association of Drug-free practitioners. Her style of teaching is relaxed and fun with lesson plans followed by open discussions, giving the participants a chance to express themselves freely. Her nutrition curriculum is deeply rooted in her 20 years of combined experience as a chef, food consultant, author and award-winning research into eastern food philosophies and practices, which go back thousands of years.

Her concept ofConnecting Body, Mind and Food, integrates yoga, meditation and mindful food practices, helping individuals develop balanced, peaceful and joyful lives. Going back to basics, you can engage in food meditation and journaling as a way to develop self-awareness, slowing down the pace and surrendering to a sensual experience from the mat, to the table and beyond. Learn to breathe deeply, getting  rid of blockages while becoming more flexible physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Corinne is happy to introduce these workshops at yoga studios, spas, and resorts anywhere in the world. As a consultant, she also customizes workshops and curriculums according to client needs. Just ask!

She has experience teaching children of all ages, from kindergarten to high-school level in the classroom and in after-school programs, both. She also conducts one-on-one sessions and group private and corporate workshops for adults. Please email for more information. For upcoming workshops please check the schedule and download flyers.

Tastings & Cooking Classes

These classes are designed to help you develop a palate and understand the architecture of food. Learn the fundamentals of flavor development while delving deep into the structure of each dish in order to create a balanced meal or dining experience. Each class can last 3 to  5 hours. The class can take place in a restaurant, where you will learn how to order a healthy delicious meal, breaking it down to the finest detail, by taking your time to savor. It can also take place in the privacy of your kitchen, where you’ll develop a palate while learning essential cooking and tasting techniques. Please email for  details.

Teacher Training Modules for Yoga Practitioners

The foods we choose may or may not be beneficial to our practice on the mat and off. As practitioners, it is important to connect to our bodies, and through asana figure out how to create room and flexibility in order to breathe more deeply and become more focused. It is also important to convey these tips to our students and guide them to a healthier way of living. There is no yoga without proper nutrition. They go hand in hand. Modules for teacher trainees include food meditations, mindful eating discussions, and journaling. Additionally, if the studio has a kitchen, a mindful cooking and eating classes can be included. Yoga teachers and studios interested in incorporating the art of eating mindfully modules into  existing Teacher Training programs, please email Corinne directly for course details.

Praise for The Art of Eating Mindfully and Yoga Workshops

“The grace, clarity, and love with which Corinne teaches yoga is a privilege to experience. Thank you!”

“Loved the class. Look forward to your next workshop.” 

“Thanks, Corinne, for this inspiring practice.”

 “I was in pure bliss all weekend…look forward to more.”

“Love the way she thinks about food.”

“Amazing experience. Chef Trang is clearly a teacher and not just a lecturer.” 

“Very enjoyable to learn from and the food was insanely delicious.”

“She is funny, charming, and makes great food. I wanted to lick my plate.”

“Corinne was very personable, accommodating in her presentation, and relating to her audience.”

wellness coaching

As a wellness coach, Corinne has worked closely with mental health professionals to develop custom programs specifically suited for their patients’ individual needs. As a result, she has experience with people suffering from mild to severe anxiety, depression, food disorders, addictions and more.

Corinne’s hybrid wellness program, centered around mindfulness, touches upon yoga philosophy; the Chinese hot and cold food system; and Indian Ayurveda, the science of life. She offers any number of related services, including food coaching and yoga, which can include guided meditation, asana practice (postures), and or pranayama (breath work).

The goal is to help individuals gain clarity and engage their senses, with an emphasis on creating and maintaining a joyful life. Developing patience and commitment are key in releasing negative energy while accessing positive energy buried deep within.



Dating back thousands of years, meditation is about connecting to the Self, creating a nurturing space where inner peace, clarity, and positive energy can be achieved, all the while improving your life and that of those around you. Meditation is a natural and gentle way to help manage stress, anger, addictions, and other psychological issues.

At first, feeling inner peace can be challenging. To help the process along, Corinne uses the following pathways to relaxation and self-awareness including: 1) repetition of a specific mantra, or inspirational phrase; 2) breathing techniques; 3) imagery; and or 4) movement

food meditation

Food meditations are a way to awaken our senses. When you meditate to food, you make every bite count. These meditations are both still and active and can including mindful cooking and eating practices.

yoga asana & pranayama

yoga asana

A “Vinyasa Flow” certified instructor with over 15 years of personal practice, she began studying the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method as taught by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 2010 and never looked back. She is grateful for her daily Ashtanga practice guided by amazing teachers Stan Woodman, Aliya WeiseMegan Riley and most recently, Eddie Stern. She has been fortunate enough to study with Nick Evans and Dominic Corigliano, and workshop with David Williams and R. Sharath Jois. Her teaching style is rooted in Ashtanga, guiding students through a specifically sequenced breath-controlled practice to encourage focus and flexibility in both body and mind. She is happy to teach the full or a modified version of the Primary Series. Corinne also teaches  relaxation.


Most of us walk around, never giving the way we breathe any thought. Through various techniques you will learn to slow down the pace, deepening your breathing to allow the whole body, and not just the lungs, to participate. The deeper the breath, the more flexible you are, the more clearly you can think, the more focused, effective and mindful you will be, and the more you will achieve.

food coaching

Based on her research as a food professional specializing in Asian cooking traditions, Corinne touches upon the Chinese hot and cold food system and Indian Ayurveda to teach you how to engage in mindful eating practices. This is not about dieting and depriving the body, but about turning bad habits into good ones that will last a lifetime.

Through food meditations, Corinne helps you engage your senses—sound, sight, touch, smell and taste—while developing a palate based on five flavor characteristics of sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and bitter.  It’s about taking your time to savor the moment, making every bite count. Her style for journaling meals and food experiences in general, helps you take into account how different foods make you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally, a practice that is helpful in reconditioning body and mind and maintaining a healthy body weight.

the 75% / 25% weight loss practice

In many Asian cultures, 75% of the meal is made up of vegetables and fruit, the remaining 25% consisting of carbohydrates in the form of rice or noodles, and meat or fish proteins, for example. This ratio is considered to be a balanced diet. In comparison, the western diet consists mostly of carbohydrates in the form of bread and pasta, and meat, fish and dairy proteins, with barely a vegetable on the plate. A diet that is alkaline, that is, plant-based and high in fiber,  is key to maintaining a healthy weight and losing unwanted weight.

vegetarian and vegan lifestyles

There is no substitute for an alkaline, plant-based diet when it comes to keeping the body healthy. Still, some vegetarians and vegans have trouble maintaining a healthy weight due to eating processed foods and loading up on carbs. Find out how to live a healthy, balanced vegetarian or vegan lifestyle with simple guidelines.


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