The Purpose of Detoxing

April 11, 2014

Detoxes are everywhere. So many different kinds to choose from, it can be confusing. Some have food and some rely on just liquids. What’s the right one for you? Here are some tips on how to approach detoxing in general and what you can hope to gain from them.

Detoxes are generally very specific and people do them to lose weight (not a good enough reason, because you’ll put it back on more quickly than you can count to 3).

They are meant to help you unload physically, mentally, and emotionally, getting rid of excess fat, salt and sugar (and perhaps some winter blues), and massaging our bodies from the inside out. What better time to pamper ourselves than springtime… with the rain and sun come flowers, bright cheerful colors, and newfound energy.

So what is the purpose of a detox? what will it teach you?

1) to be fully accountable for your health
2) to learn to taste food and appreciate it in its purest form (so that later you can start developing flavor combinations more sensibly. Don’t just throw spices and sauces at everything. Taste first!)
3) to develop a palate while getting rid of bad habits (like salting before tasting or adding mayo, cheese and meat to every sandwich, trippling the fat!)
4) to approach and eat food sensibly (being satisfied with less)
5) to love food rather than obsess about it
6) to feel your body as it digests the food. Yes you will feel it moving through you, especially as you give your body more water and air to process it.
7) to increase vegetable intake and decrease meat, seafood, and dairy proteins (some is fine, too much is bad; switching it up is best)
8) to move around (crank up the volume and dance, because it doesn’t require a gym membership, so no more excuses! But, you can also walk, run or bike, free of charge)
9) discipline (we all need it, not just your children!)
10) structure
11) patience, slowing down
12) breathing, (when you make more room in the body, it’s a heck of a lot easier to breathe)
13) freedom of expression (create your own detox based on what you’ve learned from a detox)
14) to learn what a detox is and know that you can develop food that naturally helps detox the body on a daily basis without giving up the things you love (except for junk food). Yearly detoxes are useless, unless you learn something from them.


15) A detox composed of plant-based foods can help increase metabolism, lower cholesterol, improve bone density, promote a healthy heart, kidneys, blood, and weight loss (and keep it off if you incorporate what you’ve learned in 10 days (average detox) into the last 355 days of the year, and beyond), and the list of benefits goes on… as in increased sex drive!
16) A plant-based detox is loaded with vitamins, minerals. You can also incorporate “superfoods” that are high in antioxidants, omega 3s, and so much more.
17) A plant-based detox will help you find ways to incorporate more vegetables and fruit in your diet and decrease meat, seafood and dairy proteins… Balance meals (balanced lifestyle) is the goal.


18) you’ll get testy, impatient, and you may even experience sleeplessness. You might cry, moan about this and that, and essentially become irritated, and irritating to those around you. Explain to your loved ones what you are doing and ask them to support you and be part of the change (they might even do the detox with you)
19) After you experience 1-18, you will see things more clearly at least for a little while. It’s up to you to keep the light on!

ENJOY THE RIDE… here is my 14-day detox… give it a whirl (for now on FB, I will reconstruct it on my blog in a day or so)

***I also have a 10-day detox currently going on and am posting tips and recipes on FB from April 10-19, 2014. The information will be created into a blog post when it’s completed. Check out my FB Timeline and join in.


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