Lake Austin Spa Resort

May 17, 2014

LASR Breathe WeekTomorrow I fly to Austin to teach at Lake Austin Spa Resort, one of the most notable spas in the country. Lucky me, I’ve been invited to return twice a year for several years in a row now, generally  during their successful Culinary Week and other times to teach other aspects of living simply and mindfully. This time I am going back for their new Breathe Week where I’ll be teaching breathing through yoga, meditation, journaling and mindful cooking practices, and how to incorporate these disciplines into daily life. I’ll be taking advantage of the grounds for inspiration, and guided by the energy of the guests to share what I know about creating a fun, clean, and balanced lifestyle.

Some of my favorite things about this place is the garden, one of the most beautifully maintained I’ve seen in this kind of setting. That executive chef Stéphane Beaucamp takes advantage of it and incorporates freshly grown produce from the spa’s own grounds, is truly one of the most wonderful aspects of staying at Lake Austin and experiencing a few days there. His 5-course menu changes all the time, and because the portions are sensible, you can taste everything and not worry about a thing. I too like to pick Thai basil, fresh peas, sweet bell peppers, and squash blossoms when cooking with the guests. The garden is completely open to all. Indeed, a friend came along one time, then sent me pictures of her very own herb garden inspired by our conversations and a leisurely walk through the spa’s garden. That’s the kind of reaction I like to see from those who visit.

600198_4644226875273_1842823042_nThere are so many activities that you’ll never get bored. I took my first lesson in sculling a few years ago and have been enjoying this elegant water sport ever since. To be on the water first thing in the morning, and gliding the peaceful lake as the fog lifts, is incredibly meditative. There’s also kayaking and paddle boarding, for those who love taking in the fresh air. Two outdoor pools, a hot tub for those chilly evenings, and indoor pools are also available. The day is filled with activities from yoga, to zumba, weight lifting and any indoor physical activity. These are just a few things you can expect, but do consult the staff for other activities on any given day. Special guest instructors from celebrity chefs to notable authors on any number of subjects are invited to mingle with guests any week of the year.

And of course there’s always the spa treatments. I happen to love my 80-minute Custom Comfort massage, booking a couple per stay, but the spa menu is extensive and worth looking into, asking the knowledgeable staff about before booking the treatment that is right for you.

1503855_10202185281905113_1631488114_nLake Austin Spa Resort is one of the places that is a home away from home. The staff is always friendly, welcoming, and accommodating, and every year they develop and offer numerous informative, valuable programs so you walk away learning every time you come. That—and the beautiful, recently renovated guest rooms—is what makes them a #1-rated spa worth exploring.

Come join me for Breathe Week, May 19 & 20. I will be teaching the following:

May 19: Metta Meditation at 8 AM; Mindful Cooking at 2PM
May 20:  Ashtanga Yoga at 8 AM; Food Meditation & Journaling at 1 PM

Eat well and be well,
ct :)


P.S.: here’s a little taste of what it’s like to enjoy Lake Austin Spa Resort…



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